27 March 2015  
LED Lighting
DMX Controlled Coloured Pool Lighting
External Lighting (LED Street Lighting :: Exterior Security Lighting)


Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are solid state electronic components that have developed on from simple indicator lights in many electronic devices to become the most efficient, most cost-effective, environmentally friendly lighting solutions available today. Typically LEDs only draw a 20% 25% equivalent of the energy required to light a filament or gas filled filament bulb to create the same amount of light and routinely run, maintenance free, for in excess of 100,000hrs.

RADDesign is a specialist engineering company with an aerospace lighting background totalling 30+ years of collective experience in this technology and dedicated to design and manufacture of LED luminaires and lighting systems where energy savings and durability are a crucial element in the initial design or refurbishment of a building or illuminated area.

We are able to consult on any aspect of luminaire design, lighting design and specification to worldwide standards for applications where LED lighting technology would typically be applied and work with project architects from the concept and light modelling stages to project completion. We also undertake bespoke design and manufacturing of luminaires based on specific customer requirements.

RADDesign has a growing history of projects in tropical areas where solar and wind generation provide a totally "off grid" lighting solution and where LED lighting technology is the only cost effective, maintenance free, viable solution when implemented as part of a building system and sympathetic to the environmentally friendly aspect of buildings design as a whole

All our standard and projects luminaires are covered within to our 6 year guarantee policy against components failure while in normal use and details can be made available on request.

If you require further information, please contact RADDesign on info@raddesign.co.uk.

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